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Your audience has seen it all before. Appearing cars. Levitating elephants. Dancingfountains. Been there. Done that. Today’s discerning audience demands and deserves entertainment that connects on a deeper emotional and mental level. Entertainment that amazes the eyes, touches the heart, and wreaks havoc on the funny bone.

Corporate, Television, or High Society – Swept into the world of magic, mentalism, and merriment, audiences emerge feeling alive and amazed. Trying to please an international audience? You have options! While class, elegance, and a devilish smile might be enough, your group will also experience a mystical and hilarious customized presentation in English, French, German, and/or Dutch. And all of it in the relaxed manner you’d expect from a man who has shared his passion with audiences across the globe for over 20-years.

RONALD MORAY 0031 23 544 42 97